Temelco exists to provide outstanding returns to its shareholders and customers through the monetisation of domain names, the provision of domain services and website publishing.

  • Domain Portfolio

    We own or control several thousand domain names. If you are looking for a domain for your business, why not give us your parameters and we will try to match them. We are confident…

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  • Associates

    Do you have a domain portfolio that is not earning much from parking? Are you trying to generate sales of your domain names? We run several domain investment portfolios already where, with the right attention…

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  • Domain Names Index

    This is a demonstration of our evolutionary domain search capabilities. Every day we search available domain names for certain characteristics that give them monetary value. We currently provide a free daily….

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  • Websites

    We develop and build out domain names into full websites, and use various monetisation strategies to keep profits flowing. We have a complete team of editors, writers and journalists, PR, marketing and advertising gurus…

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